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Virtual Workspace
Centralized control over application and user permissions. Moving your office to desktop hosting with the cloud eliminates IT headaches and guarantees up-time while significantly reducing your IT budget.

Private Cloud
Our Private Cloud allows you to build a customized private cloud so you can take advantage of cloud infrastructure while keeping your data in a physically secure and isolated clustered environment. Ideal for applications that require advanced security or compliance such as e-commerce, databases, or back-office applications.

Cloud App Hosting
Ideal for Businesses looking to migrate resource-intensive applications such as CRM, high-traffic websites, or collaboration software to the cloud. All of our solutions come with support at no additional cost.

Hybrid Cloud
Our solution allows you to integrate multiple platforms – public cloud, private cloud, managed server, and on-premise servers – to combine the strengths of both physical and virtual environments for improved flexibility, scalability, and security.

Cloud Backup
Leverage our robust secure cloud to backup your data. Or we can manage, maintain and store your backups in our cloud.
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